Captcha Harvester

What is the Captcha Harvester?

The Captcha Harvester is a system developed and designed to combat against CAPTCHA. The Captcha Harvester system has been implemented into our software in order to provide solutions for reCAPTCHA technology during the checkout phase, the purpose of which serves as a means of preventing software like ours from automating the process.

Do Manual and Automatic Captcha Harvesters differ?

Yes. Manual Harvesters allows you to manually provide Captcha solutions for the software to utilise during checkout; It also requires you to be present during releases when using our software. Automatic Harvesters are a third party service that employs people to solve Captcha challenges, which our software can utilise to provide solutions during the checkout phase. You do not need to be present during releases to use the Automatic Harvester, as you will be able to schedule it to start and stop.