Mac OS Guide


The Mac OS guide is intended to help those who wish to run the software on a Mac OS, by using a Virtual Machine (VM) in order to allow you to run Windows.

Have you considered using a server instead of running our software on a Virtual Machine? Check out our Server Guide here

Using a Virtual Machine with our software

Step 1: Installing the Virtual Machine

You will need to use a Virtual Machine (VM) that will allow you to run Windows, such as VirtualBox or Parallels, in order to use our software. This guide is for using VirtualBox.

Download VirtualBox, ensuring it is the correct version for your operating system. Install the VirtualBox program. If you are using a Mac, open the DMG file that you downloaded and drag the VirtualBox file to your Applications folder. Once you have completed the installation process, you can then launch the application.

Step 2: Configuring your Virtual Machine

Click ‘New’ and name your machine, then choose the operating system from the ‘Type’ menu and the version you are installing from the ‘Version’ menu. You will then need to allocate RAM for the VM, as well as a virtual hard drive.

Once you have configured your VM, you will then need to install Windows. You can do this by installing from a disc or an image file. The minimum system requirements need to run our software is Windows Vista (32-bit), but the recommend requirement is Windows 10 (64-bit). You can find the system requirements (which are the same for SoleSlayer and SupremeSlayer) here.

After you have installed the operating system, you are ready to use VirtualBox. You will need to download, install and make Google Chrome your default browser, as well as downloading and installing the .Net Framework required.

Step 3: Installing the software onto your Virtual Machine

Finally, you can download and install our software by using the installation instructions that can be found on our Getting Started guides for both SoleSlayer and SupremeSlayer.