Migration Guide


The migration guide is intended to help those who wish to move data such as their checkout profiles or release profiles from one computer to another; for instance, if you want to run the software on a server. The data stored within this folder will vary from bot to bot.

Step 1: Finding the data

You can only migrate data once you have some information stored within the bot, such as your checkout profile or release profile. You are then able to access this data by searching %localappdata% within your desktop. (See Image 1) You will need to find the folder containing the data for the bot you are looking to migrate, for example, SoleSlayer or SupremeSlayer. (See Image 2)

Step 2: Migrating the data

In order to move the files within the folder to another machine, simply copy and paste to a memory stick, an email or over TeamViewer. You will need to search for %localappdata% in the new machine. If the folder for the bot you are migrating does not exist, you will need to create one. Once you have located or created the correct folder, copy the files and paste them into folder. (See Image 3)

Step 3: Completing the migration

When you next open the bot, it will automatically search for that data and the migration of your data will be complete. (See Image 4, 5)


Moving data from one machine to another is quick and efficient. Should you require further help, please do Contact Us.