Proxy Guide

What is a proxy?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary computer between your computer and the internet; basically giving you a new IP address so they allow you to access a site without running the risk of a ban. Proxies are extremely useful to prevent being banned from a website, allowing you to run many accounts simultaneously.

How do proxies differ?

Proxies can differ greatly from speeds to the type of proxy you can use.

We recommend the use of a HTTP or a HTTPS proxy. Proxy speeds are measured in milliseconds (ms) and is the time it takes to receive a response, and we recommend less than 1000ms, though the lower the better.

Testing your proxies multiple times may lead to a ban to the website the software is trying to access.

Using proxies within our software

You are able to use proxies within our software.

For SupremeSlayer, follow Step 3 of the Release Profile to add your proxies.

For SoleSlayer, you can use proxies in both a Smart Release and a Standard Release. Follow our Proxy Profile guide here to add your proxies.

Where can I source proxies from?

There are many sites available to source proxies from and different ways to search for them using the internet.

We recommend the following search terms for finding reliable proxies:

  • Sneaker Bot Proxies
  • Supreme Bot Proxies
  • Sneaker Proxies
  • Supreme Proxies

If you’re looking for a reputable source for reliable proxies we suggest you check out YourPrivateProxy as they have great prices, fantastic support and a reputation that precedes them and they’re definitely recommended by us.