Server Guide

What is a server?

A server is a remotely accessed machine that typically has higher computer specifications, a high-speed internet connection and a low ping, meaning a faster checkout speed for using software programs. There are generally two types of servers you can use; a dedicated server and a virtual private server (VPS). Servers can usually be rented.

Using servers with our software

As a result of using a server, you will be able to run more tasks, enabling our software to hit the footsites more frequently and ultimately securing more checkouts due to the faster speeds.

Server companies have different tiers according to your budget; naturally the higher priced products have higher computer specifications.

How to set up a server

There are many server providers out there, however using a server is simple and you can install our software on any server you choose to use. We recommend using Amazon’s EC2 service. The EC2 service offers many suitable on-demand tiers; we recommend using their C3.8XLarge or C4.8XLarge instance type.

You can learn more about using the Amazon EC2 service here.

Server providers

Whilst we recommend Amazon EC2 services, there are many sites available to source servers designed for use with bots and different ways to search for them using the internet.

We recommend using the following keywords in your search engine when trying to find a server provider:

  • Sneaker Bot Servers
  • Sneaker Servers
  • Fast Bot Servers
  • Shoe Servers