Countdown Timer

What is the Countdown Timer?

The Countdown Timer is generally used by all footsites when they are releasing a product from their release calendar; usually on limited releases.

When you start a release in SoleSlayer, it will automatically detect if a Countdown Timer is being used. It will not start any tasks until the Countdown Timer has finished.

Configuring the Countdown Timer

To configure the Countdown Timer, you need to first configure a release profile. You can use both a Smart Release and Standard Release and need to follow the General Information (Step 1). Choose the Store you want to set up a release for and navigate to their release calendar and select and copy the Product Link for the item you want to add to your release profile and paste it into the General Information section. (See Image 1)

Finish the other required steps to complete the release profiles for your chosen type of release before saving it. (See Image 2) To test if the Countdown Timer is working, right click to start the release. (See Image 3). The Countdown Timer should initialise within a few seconds and show as an Active Link in your Global Activity Log. (See Image 4).

To see more details about that task profile, including size, status and proxy, click on the profile to show your tasks. You can also click on the specific task to show Activity Log for that task. (See Image 5, 6)

If the Countdown Timer is not showing, try using a Global Proxy