Global Log

What is the Global Log?

The Global Log only appears when you start a release. It will check that the link to any of the footsites is correct and active.

Understanding the Global Log

When you start the release, a new tab will open for each of your releases. The Global Log will be the first thing you see with information regarding the release and is located at the bottom. It will show as ‘Activity Log – Global.’ (See Image 1) This will appear the same for both a Smart Release and a Standard Release.

If your footsites link is correct, your Global Log will appear as in Image 2.

If your footsites link is incorrect, the bot will not be able to find the product and will just say ‘checking’ and your Global Log will appear as in Image 3. This can be indicative of a lost internet connection, IP ban or banned proxies. Please refer to the Global Proxy guide for further information on how to resolve this.

If your Countdown Timer is not showing, the product may have already released (as shown in the example images) or if not, the bot may be unable to access the footsites due to the above issues.