Proxy Profile

Understanding Proxy Profiles

The Proxies section is located in the Release Profile. This is where you can add or import your chosen proxies to use for a release, as well as being able to test them and assign the number of tasks per proxy.

Adding Proxies

  1. Once you have filled in your General and Tasks sections and saved it, you need to then click on the Proxies tab. In this section, you are able to add your proxies, test them and assign the number of tasks per proxy. Click Add Proxy.
  2. This is where you need to fill in your proxy details.
  3. This is the correct format you need for entering your proxy details. Click save.
  4. Once you have saved your proxies, you will then be taken back to the main Proxies tab which will display all of the proxies you have entered.
  5. Here, you can adjust how many proxies you would like to use per task. You can also test your proxies here to ensure that they are working correctly. Just click Test Proxies.
  6. Click save release once you have added all of your proxies and assigned the number of tasks per proxy. You will then be taken to the main home page and are ready for the release.