Task Log

What is the Task Log?

The Task Log only appears when you start a release. It will give an accurate log on the progress of your product, from selecting the size to the completion of your checkout.

Understanding the Task Log

In order to access the Task Log, you will need to click on your checkout profile. (See Image 1) It will show as ‘Activity Log –  (selected Guest)’ for a Smart Release (See Image 2) or ‘Activity Log – (selected ’email’) for a Standard Release (See Image 3)

You will then be able to see the progress of your task, which usually starts with finding the size of your product and adding it to cart.

For the Smart Release, the next progress you should see in your Task Log is the adding and downloading of your Checkout Profile and setting your shipping/billing address, setting shipping address and the payment method. (See Image 4).

For the Standard Release, if you have chosen to check out manually, the next progress you should see in your Task Log is the carting of the product. You will then need to click Rapid Checkout to complete the order. (See Image 5) If you have chosen to add your checkout profile, you will see the progress as stated in the Smart Release. (See Image 6)

You are able to end your tasks at any time, by clicking End All Tasks (See Image 7). If you are running multiple tasks and you want to check the individual progress of each task, you can click on any of your tasks to view the Task Log (See Image 8).

To click off either your Task Log or Global Log, you need only click any blank space within the immediate area.