Captcha Harvester

Supreme uses captcha technology during the checkout phase as a means of preventing software from automating this process. SupremeSlayer features both manual and automatic captcha harvesters, you can find out more about the manual harvester below, or click here for more information about the automatic harvesters.


You are able to run both manual and automatic harvesters at the same time. When one or both of your harvesters are being used, they will turn green (server online). (See Image 1) When not in use, manual harvester will stay green, whilst automatic harvester will turn red (server offline). (See Image 2)

We recommend starting both manual harvester and automatic harvester a minute before the release, in order to start banking solved captchas, however, every captcha that is solved will expire in two minutes.

Manual Harvester

The manual harvester is a feature in SupremeSlayer that allows you to manually provide captcha solutions for the software to utilise during checkout. The manual harvester requires you to be present during the release in order to solve captchas.

How to use Manual Harvester

You will find both the manual and automatic harvesters in the top right of your software. (See Image 1)

Click on the manual harvester and it will automatically open. Please read the instructions at the top of the page for each captcha or click the help ‘i’ button for information on how to solve the captcha –  please note that instructions for solving each captcha may vary. (See Image 2)

You can now start solving captchas. (See Image 3)

You will be notified of how many solved captchas you have banked in the bottom left corner. (See Image 4)

Automatic Harvester

To learn more about the automatic harvesters available within SupremeSlayer, please click here.