Checkout Delay

What is a Checkout Delay?

A checkout delay is a set interval of time in seconds you would like the tasks wait before checking out; it should be used as a means of circumventing Supreme’s order ghosting. Ghosting is a technique Supreme uses against automated software that prevents it from checking out the desired product. When ghosted the user receives a fake message of success fooling the user into thinking they were successful when in fact they won’t actually receive any email confirmation.

Supreme doesn’t always enable ghosting so you should use this feature at your own risk, as doing so when ghosting is disabled may send you to the back of the queue; but not doing so when required could cost you the release entirely.

Configuring your Checkout Delay

There is no way to be sure if or when a checkout delay is needed, however, if Supreme are ghosting orders, it is recommended to use a checkout delay of 2-10 seconds for releases on SupremeSlayer.

Image 1 shows the checkout delay box unchecked. To set the checkout delay, simply check the checkout delay box and select the delay you want to use by using the up and down arrows. (See Image 2)