Computer Locale

What is the Computer Locale?

The computer locale is located in the top right corner and appears as an icon. The icon has four states: US, EU, JP and ? (See Image 1)

The computer locale is used to indicate which of the three Supreme sites the software has access to.

Setting the Computer Locale

The computer locale will automatically try to access the Supreme site and will show up as US, EU or JP depending on your region. You may also have an icon showing as a question mark (?).

If the computer locale does not match the region you have set in the Release Profile, you must use a Global Proxy. Ensure that the Global Proxy matches the locale of the release.

If you do have a question mark (?), there can be several reasons why:

  1. Your internet is down.
  2. A system proxy is preventing access to Supreme.
  3. A system IP ban from Supreme (indicative of Global Proxy requirement).