Global Proxy

What is a Global Proxy?

A Global Proxy is a proxy that is used by a release to scan for a product matching the keywords you configured. The proxy location must be the same as the release when tested (otherwise it won’t be able to find the correct product).

You can learn more about proxies by reading our Proxy Guide.

Setting your Global Proxy

To set your Global Proxy, first you need to add proxies. You can read more about how to do this here (Step 3). Click on the Proxies tab and click Add Proxy. (See Image 1)

You will then be presented with a blank page to fill in your proxy details. (See Image 2) Enter your proxy details in the correct format and click save. (See Image 3)

Once you have saved your proxies, you will then be taken to the main Proxies tab, where you will be able to see your added proxies. (See Image 4)

To add your Global Proxy, click on the General Information tab. You can input your proxy manually or click Randomize, which will automatically use a proxy from your current proxy list. (See Image 5). You have now added your Global Proxy.

You can use any of your existing proxies as a Global Proxy.