What is a Keyword?

Keywords are words that the software uses when selecting a target product to add to cart. Keywords are one of the most important features within the bot; be sure to familiarise yourself with how they work to ensure they always find your desired product. Not selecting the correct keywords might mean the software is unable to target the correct product; this can result in checking out the incorrect product or no product at all.

Experiment with false checkout profiles to test out keyword combinations

Configuring your Keywords

Keywords change on Supreme from week to week in line with each release, but they can generally be used in the following keyword pattern: box+logo+tee, bogo+tee

For product keywords, you use all or part of the name of the product to help the software find the correct item:


Box Logo Tee: box+logo+tee, bogo+tee (See Image 1)

Sleeve Arc Hooded Sweatshirt: sleeve+arc+hood

Reflective Half Zip Pullover: reflective+pullover

For colour keywords, you just simply choose the colour(s) you want:


black, grey (See Image 2)

The keywords can be separated by a comma (,), which acts as a separator, whilst the add (+) acts as an and/or.

If you leave the colour keywords blank, the software will just choose the first colour found that matches your product keywords