Release Scheduling

What is Release Scheduling?

Release scheduling enables you to arrange your previously created release to start at a certain time. This is especially useful if you are unable to be present before and during the release.

SupremeSlayer needs to be open in order for the scheduled release to start

Scheduling a Release

In order to schedule a release, you need to create a release. Once you have created a Release Profile, you can right click your release on the start page to start, edit, schedule, copy and delete your release. (See Image 1)

Click set schedule and you will be able to set the date and time you would like the release to start. (See Image 2)

Once you have scheduled your release, it will appear on the start page with the date and time. (See Image 3)

You can right click your release to change the schedule by clicking set schedule or unset the schedule which will delete the schedule for the release. (See Image 4)

We recommend scheduling your tasks to start 20-30 seconds before a release