Task Profile

What is a Task Profile?

The task profile is located in the Checkout Profile section when you create a release. This is where you add your checkout profile(s), size selection(s) and notification details. You are also able to allocate the number of tasks you wish to use per profile here.

Creating a Task Profile

  1.  In the Checkout Profile section, you are able to add your checkout profile(s), as well as editing or deleting them. Click Add Profile.
  2. You will then be taken to the Add Task Profile page; here you can select your Checkout Profile, Size Selection and Notification Details. Select your Checkout Profile.
  3. Then add your Size Selection. You can add up to three size selections, but the second and third choices will only appear once you have added your first choice. Some products may not come under the size type you expect so consider using S/M/L as a backup size.
  4. Add your notification details: please note that this is not a compulsory step as you will still get a confirmation email from Supreme. Save your Task Profile.
  5. This is how the Checkout Profile will look after you have added your profile.
  6. Using the Tasks per Profile in the top right, you can then choose how many tasks per profile you will use. You are limited by your tier here and can only run the number of tasks you have in total rather than the number of tasks per item.
  7. This image shows how multiple Checkout Profiles will look. Remember to Save Release after adding all of your Checkout Profiles.