Twitter Notifications

What are Twitter Notifications?

Twitter notifications in SupremeSlayer is an optional feature which when configured properly can be used to send direct messages to desired Twitter accounts when it has successfully checked out.

It is an especially useful feature for people running add to cart services as a means of notifying the customer of success.

Configuring Twitter Notifications

In order to create Twitter Notifications, you will need to create a Twitter app for Notifications; you can use this external guide to learn how to do this.

Navigate to the Tools menu on the main page and click Twitter Options. (See Image 1) You will be taken to the Twitter DM Settings page. (See Image 2). If you do not have the necessary details already set-up, use the external guide which will take you through the necessary steps to acquire the details you need to complete the set-up in the Twitter DM Settings page. (See Image 3) Once you have inputted all of the required details, click save and then test to check that it is working. If it is working, you will receive a notification informing you that is was successful. (See Image 4) Configuring your Twitter Notifications is now complete.

Configuring Twitter notifications is optional. You will still receive a confirmation email from Supreme when it successfully checks out.