Install & Activate


Once you have purchased SupremeSlayeryou will receive a confirmation email with your order ID. You will then receive another email containing the download link and your serial key. It is very important that you treat your serial key as you would a pin number; keep it safe and do not share it.

To install SupremeSlayer, you need to click the download link and then run the installation of the bot until the end. (See Image 1 and Image 2)

After you have installed it, you will then be prompted for your serial key. (See Image 3)


Each serial key is unique and will appear in the format as seven blocks of four. Input your key and click activate. (See Image 1)

Once activated, you will be notified that the key is now activated on your computer. (See Image 2) Click OK and the bot will open and be ready to use. (See Image 3)


You can automatically update SupremeSlayer, when updates are available, by restarting (closing and reopening) your bot. The most recent version of the bot will appear in the top right hand corner. (See red box in Image 1)*

*Image may not be representative of the most recent version.


If you are having any issues installing or activating, please see our troubleshooting guide.

Feel free to get in contact with our support team if you are still having issues.